Creating a Teams meeting

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Creating a Teams Meeting with Outlook (or Teams) and related basics.

In Outlook

You need to have the Teams App actually installed on your computer for the Teams integration in Outlook to work.

To create a new meeting: 

  1. Go to the calendar view to create a new meeting. Click the “New event” button.

  2. It will look pretty much like the image below. The important part is to click the “Teams meeting” slider so that it is turned on. This is crucial for the Teams meeting links to be generated. Both the dial in number and the video conferencing links are generated and sent to anyone invited. 

  3. When it comes to joining the meeting the Outlook calendar view is not as slick but when you click on the calendar entry a little pop-up will appear with the “Join Teams Meeting” button. The view in the Teams app is more polished.

To Create a meeting from an email thread: 

  1. When in the email thread click the “Reply with Meeting” button, it is the small calendar with the purple arrow that is highlighted in the screenshot below. 

  2. To make it a Teams meeting you’ll need to click the “Teams Meeting” button which has the Teams logo on it. 
    Note: you may be asked to log into your Teams account, use the same credentials you use for your Microsoft account. 

In Teams Online and Desktop

Note: If you’re using Firefox, the browser we normally recommend, Teams audio is not supported. However teams will work in Edge and many other browsers. We do recommend downloading the desktop application, it will be more reliable. 

  1. Navigate to the calendar 
  1. Then click the new meeting button in the top right corner. That will take you to this screen. If you need to add optional attendees click the “+Optional” button to add those attendees. Both the dial in number and the video conferencing links are generated and sent to anyone invited. You need phone service and the Conferencing add-on for there to be a dial in number.
  1. You’ll then be able to click on the meeting which will bring up this screen. When the time comes you’ll click the “Join” button to join the meeting. 
  1. In addition, when the time approaches for the meeting a join button will appear in the calendar view as well. 
  1. If you have phone service and a Conferencing add-on to your Office 365 account, then a dial in number will be automatically created and accessible in the meeting information. 

If someone joins by phone they will be audio only but still be in the same meeting with anyone on video conferencing. 

  1. On desktop when you click join for the first time you will be prompted to allow access to your microphone and camera. Do allow access.
  1. Once you allow those, the screen will then look similar to this. Click the join button to join the meeting.
  1. That will take you the call which looks like this. 
  1. The tool bar at the bottom has a variety of options:
  • The video camera will turn on/off the camera
  • The microphone will turn on/off the microphone
  • The button with the rectangle and arrow will allow you to share your screen
  • The three dots provides more options
  • The rectangular speech bubble will bring up a text based chat
  • The two people will show you all the participants
  • The red phone will hang up the call
  1. That is everything you need for a video call in the Teams online or desktop

Appendix A:
Useful text you may wish to add to your invitation 

Just click on the ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ link below and follow the instructions if you are on your computer. You can view this via a browser, or you can download the Microsoft Teams app.  Either is fine.  Make sure your microphone is enabled and the camera (if you wish to use it) is set up appropriately and that you have a reliable internet connection with a good internet speed.  It is a good idea to put your computer higher up to, so the camera is at the approximate level of your eyes.  

If you have phone and conferencing on your account, you may wish to add something like the following as well:

If you cannot log in via computer or do not have reliable internet, simply call the phone number provided and enter the conference ID.  To find a phone number local to you instead of the default Toronto number provided, click on “Local Numbers” button below.  If you dial in via phone, you will not be able to see camera images or shared documents, if applicable.