How To Configure Click to Call Dialing from the Web to Work

This content from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Helpdesk This article will provide instructions on how to configure your Windows 10 settings for one click dialing from the web to work with Microsoft Teams Calls. Overview This article will provide instructions on how to configure your Windows settings for one click dialing from the web […]

Play and share a meeting recording in Teams

There is a good support document on the MS site. This scrap is from that doc. Check out the full document for all the possibilities. Play a meeting recording The recording will be available after the meeting was scheduled to end (so not necessarily when it actually ends).  If you were part of a scheduled meeting, go […]

enable/disable control of Lobby in MS Teams

I had a client encounter a problem whereby someone who was a guest in a meeting was able to admit an additional user from the lobby. While this was not a crisis in this situation, it raised questions. The answer is non-obvious (at least based on searches and docs I could find at the time). […]

Using the Polycom Trio w/ Teams

To initiate a meeting with someone else you press the “Meet Now” button. Because this device DOES NOT have a calling plan you cannot use the “Dial a Number” feature.  Choose the “Add” button. You will then be able to enter a number to phone out. You can also use the contacts button to phone […]

Using Logitech Tap Room to join a non-Teams meeting

Before your meeting If the display is off, tap it to wake it up. On the base screen (where upcoming meetings are displayed), choose “More” Choose “Settings” You will be prompted to enter an admin password. Enter the password you have been given. If there is no on screen keyboard, tap inside the password box […]

“Importing” contacts into MS Teams

TLDR: you can’t, but there is a workaround that will let you dial people without entering their number each time. This has been an issue of ongoing concern for more than two years. There is no really good answer to this and I am dumbfounded that this remains so awkward and piecemeal. However, Teams is […]

Creating a Teams meeting

Creating a Teams Meeting with Outlook (or Teams) and related basics. In Outlook You need to have the Teams App actually installed on your computer for the Teams integration in Outlook to work. To create a new meeting:  Go to the calendar view to create a new meeting. Click the “New event” button. It will […]