Zoom Original Audio – phone and tablet

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Note: These screenshots were taken on an iPhone however we have compared with an Android phone and the settings are in the same locations though the look of the app is a little different. These settings are the same on iPads and Android tablets as well.

Only use this for musical or similar contexts as this won’t improve sound for regular conversational use and will make things worse if you don’t understand what is going on. 

  1. When you first download and open the app you’ll see a screen that looks something like the image at right.
  1. You can of course just join a meeting without making an account, but to make settings changes, you will need to sign up or sign in to your account. 
  1. Once you sign in you will see this screen. To find the original sound setting click the Gear symbol with the word “Settings” below it in the right-hand corner.
  2. On the settings page, click the “Meetings” subheading.
  1. On the Meeting settings page, you’ll need to scroll down in order to see the “Original Sound” setting.
  1. Click the slider next to  “Use Original Sound”. If the slider is grey click it and it will turn green. If the slider is already green, “Original Sound” is already enabled. 
  1. This DOES NOT mean that Original Sound is on–it means it is ENABLED. When in a meeting, you need to click the “More” button in the bottom right-hand corner which will make another menu appear. 
  1. On that menu click “Enable Original Sound” to turn it on and “Disable Original Sound” to turn it off.