Adding a New School Board to CESBA OSIT

Log into the CESBA OSIT site, then navigate to Submissions>School Board. There you will be presented with the page below. Fill the Name, slug, and description. The Name and description fields should be the name of the school board, using title caps. The slug field should contain the same, but uncapitalised, and using hyphens instead […]

Create a contract proposal in Nexudus

When we have a new client to invite and get a contract for, this is the procedure to follow. First, log in to our Nexudus dashboard. Navigate to the CRM section, and choose “Proposals” from the boxes in the main page area. Click on the “+ Add proposal” button Enter the new customer name in […]

Editing automatic emails in Moodle

The email content is all contained in language packs strings and needs to be changed using that system. The way to get there is this: Site Administration -> General -> Language -> Language customisation Choose the language you want to edit Choose “open language pack for editing” For basic strings you will choose moodle.php from […]

Set up your wordpress site on dokku

This is mostly cribbed from Jasmine Tracey’s excellent post at There were a couple things that needed to be added and some local tweaks for me, so I put this here for my own reference. The most critical thing is the need for SSL settings in wp-config.php. I have enough sites that I should […]

ZeroTier for work networks

UPDATE 2022: Not sure if this is still a problem and may not even be a good idea. YMMV Some of our clients have experienced difficulties with accessing files from shares on their office servers when connecting over ZeroTier. This is somewhat of a hidden problem, as Windows networking ‘cleverness’ can keep it working for […]

CiviCRM Shortcodes for WordPress

The five possible components are: Contribution: [civicrm component=”contribution” id=”x”] shows a contribution page specified by the id attribute. Event: [civicrm component=”event” action=”register” id=”x”] and [civicrm component=”event” action=”info” id=”x”] shows either a registration or information page for the event specified by the id attribute. User dashboard: [civicrm component=”user-dashboard”] shows the current user’s dashboard page Profile: [civicrm […]

Using the Polycom Trio w/ Teams

To initiate a meeting with someone else you press the “Meet Now” button. Because this device DOES NOT have a calling plan you cannot use the “Dial a Number” feature.  Choose the “Add” button. You will then be able to enter a number to phone out. You can also use the contacts button to phone […]

Discord chat & voice

Discord is a voice and text chat application that is lightweight, secure and popular with online gamers. It is a great choice for gathering online while you do something else online like a game or watching something together. It is possible to use Discord in your browser, but it’s better to download the desktop app. […]

CiviCRM WordPress Upgrade checklist

A quick list version of the upgrading doc at with a few personal notes. ssh to server ensure everything is backed up right now, not last night. This is normally handled automatically on a daily basis by ManageWP and also by a local msqldump process. Disable CiviCRM logging because of DB upgrade issues. Administer->System […]