CiviCRM Shortcodes for WordPress

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CiviCRM Shortcodes for WordPress

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The five possible components are:

  • Contribution: [civicrm component="contribution" id="x"] shows a contribution page specified by the id attribute.
  • Event: [civicrm component="event" action="register" id="x"] and [civicrm component="event" action="info" id="x"] shows either a registration or information page for the event specified by the id attribute.
  • User dashboard: [civicrm component="user-dashboard"] shows the current user’s dashboard page
  • Profile: [civicrm component="profile" mode="y" gid="x"] shows a page for displaying a user’s profile. This can be one of 4 modes – edit, view, create or search. The default is create. The gid attribute selects which profile group is displayed.
  • Petition: [civicrm component="petition" id="x"] displays a petition form specified by the id attribute.

In addition, any of these can specify a hijack option and they will replace all other content on that page rather than being display inline. This looks like hijack="1". A force attribute is mentioned in the code but I’m not clear what it does.

force=1 means it will display the table, force=0 means it will display the search box for the table and you will see the results of the search for the table after you search

Taken from drkane’s answer on