CiviCRM WordPress Upgrade checklist

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A quick list version of the upgrading doc at with a few personal notes.

  1. ssh to server
  2. ensure everything is backed up right now, not last night. This is normally handled automatically on a daily basis by ManageWP and also by a local msqldump process.
  3. Disable CiviCRM logging because of DB upgrade issues. Administer->System Settings->Misc
  4. Disable InnoDB full text search. Administer->Customize Data->Search Prefs
  5. cd to /var/www
  6. visit in a browser and get the download links
  7. download civicrm-….zip (and if needed, the localisation files.tar.gz) using wget to somewhere convenient
  8. Unlock website (use local script)
  9. cd to wp-content/plugins directory of site
  10. mv civicrm directory to /var/www/sitename/civicrm.bak (This is to backup what we have just in case of trouble and to get the existing one out of the way for the new code.)
  11. unzip civicrm-….zip to plugins directory
  12. IF NEEDED: cd to civicrm directory and tar xvzf civicrm…_l10n.tar.gz
  13. cd to wp-content/uploads/civicrm/templates_c and delete everything inside templates_c
  14. upgrade the database by visiting
  15. re-enable logging
  16. re-enable InnoDB full text search
  17. test contribution form
  18. test mailing
  19. test public pages

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