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Your Teams phone account username and password

Your phone is set up through Microsoft Teams. You mostly don’t need to use the Teams software directly except to customize your voicemail. However, it is a pretty good piece of software and worth exploring.

Your account is connected to an email (or possibly another email if you work for Civis or Lemke). The password will have been sent to you, but can be reset by contacting Keith.

You may change your password if you like by logging into and using “View account” in the top right corner menu:

Logging in to your desk phone

Keith would have logged you in the first time, but sometimes the phone logs itself out. It is unclear why and if it is happening a lot (i.e. more than once a week), please contact Keith to see if we can do something about it.

For security reasons we are now using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This means that you cannot login directly on the phone with your username and password. You will have to use the “Web sign-in”. To access this, you will need to press the “back” button on your desk phone until you reach the screen which has two options: “Sign-in” and “Settings”.

Choose “sign-in.” The next screen gives you a choice between “User” and “Web” sign-in. Choose “Web.”

The screen will now show a url to visit in your browser, and below that a unique code. Visit the url ( and then you will need to login to MS365 with your account (or Civis or Lemke). Once you have logged in, you should be on a screen like this:

Enter the code displayed on your desk phone and press “Next.” You will be asked if you wish to log in to your Yealink T41s phone. Once you confirm this, your phone will log in and synchronize. If this does not happen, please contact Keith.


Your voicemail is accessible from the desk phone and will also be emailed to your email address. This can be forwarded to another email if this is not an account that you use normally.

You may also view and manage your voicemail in the mobile or desktop Teams app, which you can access on the web at 😂

or you can download the app to your mobile device using your app store. You will need to login to the Teams app using the email and password you were provided.

Once in the Teams mobile or desktop app, you should navigate to calls->voicemail to manage your voicemail

Voicemail access on the desktop Teams app.
Voicemail access on the mobile Teams app.

To customize your voicemail, use settings->calls from the top right menu (top left on mobile).

On desktop Teams, click the three dots beside your picture or initials. Then choose “Settings” and “Calls.” Click the “Configure Voicemail” button and follow the voice prompts. You will want to use a headset to record your message here. The mic in your laptop is likely not up to the task of recording a good voicemail greeting, but you are welcome to try.
On mobile Teams, tap on your image in the top left, then choose “Settings” and “Calling.” On the “Calling page, choose “Change voicemail greeting” and then follow the voice prompts to record your greeting.

If you have questions or problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to Keith at If you’d like to be able to use the web interface of your phone, contact Keith to get the admin password reset for you and learn how to access it.

Documentation for Yealink phones

Manual for T56A phone: