Create a Google Meeting

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In an email thread

It’s common to want to convert an email thread into a meeting. GMail makes this relatively easy:

  1. Open your email thread and click on the three dots above the thread.
  2. Choose “Create event”

    Then you’ll land in a meeting invitation email:
  3. Change the date and time to what you’ve agreed to.
    Click on “Add conferencing” and then “Hangouts Meet”
  4. Save and you’re done!

In Google Calendar

  1. Navigate to your Google Calendar
  2. Create a new event as you usually would with time, date and guests.
  1. Click “Add location or conferencing”, then “Add conferencing”. Google will add Hangouts Meet as your conferencing.  
  1. Click the down arrow to see all the conferencing details including a call in number
  1. Save and you’re done. When the time comes for your meeting, return to your calendar entry and click “Join”.