Climate Strike Sep 27

A note from Keith:

We will not be working on Sep 27. We’ll be taking part in the global climate strike.

I understand that this may be inconvenient if you are working that day–if you have a bonafide emergency (i.e. there are health risks or serious money is being lost) you can contact me on my mobile (647-824-1408). Otherwise, please send an email and we’ll tackle your problem on Monday.

This issue is too important to all of us and future generations to allow the current state of political inaction to continue. I hope to see some of you there.


Further information about the strike from

On September 27th, students and youth across Canada are joining others around the world for the Global Climate Strike organized by Fridays for Future by walking out of their classrooms to demand action on the climate crisis. They have called for everyone to strike or participate in the day of action to make this the biggest climate action event ever.

The September 27 Coalition (S27C) of grassroots groups* demanding climate action has come together to help organize.

Please note: worldwide, many groups are using September 20 as their big climate strike date; however, in Toronto, this day will be used for a youth-focused teach-in at Hart House on the St. George Campus at UofT organized by Fridays for Future Toronto.

Are you interested in joining or showing support for the climate strikes? Here is a list from S27C of possible ways that organizations and individuals can support:

  1. Day of Action – Join us on September 27 at 11:00 a.m. at Queen’s Park for a rally followed by a march. Bring your family and friends! You can print your own posters and banners to bring on the march.
  2. Donate – Your generosity is needed to make this event a success. Please CLICK TO DONATE. The target to reach is $15,000! ( has donated $1,000 to the event and encourages our members and supporters to give what they can!)
  3. Declare a Strike – Call a formal climate strike at your business/workplace/school on September 27. You can find more on how to organize HERE.
  4. Volunteer – Volunteers and marshalls are needed for the day of the rally. If you can contribute a few hours of your time on September 27, please sign up HERE. No prior experience is necessary!
  5. Show your solidarity in person – Attend the various actions and programmes being organized during the week of climate action from September 20-27. Keep track of upcoming events HERE.
  6. Social Media Buzz – Show support with the following hashtags:
    • #climatestrike
    • #climateweekto
    • #climatestriketo
    • #greencircle
  7. Help with Outreachdownload posters and leaflets to spread the word where you live! You can also volunteer to help build the climate strike. Sign up for LEAFLETING HERE and POSTERING HERE.
  8. 1.5 Minutes of Silence – If you can’t make it to the events, you can still show your support by organizing at your business/workplace/school an observed 1.5 minutes of silence at 12:00 p.m. on September 27 in remembrance of all lives lost worldwide as a result of climate-related disasters. 1.5 minutes represents the 1.5°C limit that needs to be achieve to maintain life on this planet.

Join us in tapping out of our daily life routines for a few hours during the week of September 20-27 and join the global resistance for the planet!

To stay updated on the Toronto [Global] Climate Strike, please visit the official event page. You can also stay updated by following Fridays for Future Toronto on social media via the following profiles:

* The S27C is a self-organizing group chaired by Climate Justice TO and includes individuals representing Parents for Future, Climate Fast, Indigenous Climate Action, Toronto Environment Alliance,, XR Toronto, Rising Tide Toronto, People’s Climate Movement, Greenpeace, David Suzuki Foundation, The LEAP, Toronto & York Region Labour Council and union members, TTC Riders, $15 and Fairness, Artists for Real Climate Action, and more!