Signal – reliably secure messaging

I’ve recommended it to my clients for years, but it now seems that the European Community is recommending Signal as well. In some ways it’s a bit late, but at least now people are reacting to the various breaches and concerns at What’s App and Telegram. Open source software is not immune to bugs and […]

Have nothing to hide? Yes you do.

Although I am not “certified” security professional, security and privacy concerns are something I am regularly engaged in and have to address with clients regularly. I often hear “I have nothing to hide” or “I’m not very interesting”. Both of those things may feel true to you as you say them, but they’re not actually […]

Ensure the Tech You Use Reflects Your Values

Cindy Cohn, Executive Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation; September 24, 2019 Technology should empower you. It should put you in control. You should not feel used by the company that provides it to you. And if you’re a builder of technologies, we believe you should always carry the responsibility to empower your users.  Ultimately […]

The right to ignorance

An important aspect of privacy is the right to not know what we don’t want to know. This, coupled with the right to protect our private data whether we know or understand the risks are critical to keeping ourselves from simply being “owned” by big data collectors like tech giants, insurance companies or even the […]